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Overview: You as a mobile operator have a lot of network data. Mobile networks are heterogeneous and consists of multiple layers and technologies. Very often we also find a mix of infrastructure vendors each with their own variety of OSS data sources. But for you and your customers it is ONE network that needs to be in optimised to provide the best possible quality of experience.

One network

Vendor and technology independent

Tulinx solutions are vendor and technology independent which will allow you to process real-time any data (CM, FM, PM, CDR, XDR, etc…). Our carrier-grade platform seamlessly fuses ETL, Data warehouse and web-based GUI‘s within a single, end-to-end system but allows a modular approach to avoid overlap with existing solutions.


Visualise network data and performance with the AWACS cockpit

AWACS is able to present all available network performance data in web-based modules such as Charts, Tables and on maps. Besides these modules other special presentations can also be developed by Tulinx.

AWACS is build up from different modules which can be linked and combined into one solution. It is developed to be used intuitively without intensive training. Tulinx believes that user applications should work for themselves, be predictable and fast to approach.

Features of AWACS include:

  • Vendor-independent
  • All current and future technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, etc…)
  • KPI creation on raw counters for any network element
  • Other data sources are possible
  • User friendly web-interface
  • Customisable
  • Modular

AWACS cockpit

Auto-diagnose and prioritise network issues with Radio-Network Data Analyser

The Radio Network Data Analyser software hasbeen designed by a mobile operator for their ownteams. Radio-NDA is an Assistedradio optimisationsolution for engineers involved in radio optimisationand performance management.

The solution will process radio network data resultingautomatically in prioritized notifications andtickets (auto-diagnose). All necessary information to analyse and solve the issue is available in a rich context. This allows the engineer to analyse and solve issues a lot faster resulting in up to 40% efficiency gain.

Features include

  • Integration of available radio network data
  • Automatic Import and Aggregation (ETL)
  • Automatic correlation of data
  • Creates KPI’s, Notifications and prioritised tasks
  • Custom scripting
  • Real time processing
  • Cross platform (open) database & solution
  • Automatic and Effective ticket/task processing (workflow)

Radio-Network Data Analyser

Take the path towards Self-Optimisation with Tulinx solutions

With the combination our AWACS platform and the Radio-NDA solution are convinced we can offer our customers a path towards Self-Optimisation. In our vision this should be done in a controlled way where the engineer is still in control and that is why we call it intelligent SON (iSON).

Self Optimisation

Our ETL solution MINERVA

Minerva has a smart interface to an open database model and has a modular set-up:

  • Data harvesting of all possible data format
  • Data processing to have all data converted, aggregated and calculated into the database
  • Data correlation for pre analyses of all available data

Minerva is built on the ETL (Extracting, Transform, Loading) principle.  The cluster design of the architecture makes it scalable, flexible and robust.

ETL solution

Our solutions