Use cases

Case 1: 4G rollout requires Multi-technology and possibly Multi-Vendor network KPI trending & reporting

Most of the operators have multiple technologies ‘live’ at the same time or are planning to rollout new radio network technologies in the future. This could also be the addition of small cells. Many operators have even more than one RAN vendor which could be different from the Core network vendor. The RAN vendors can be divided regionally or by technology (2G, 3G, 4G). When there is a regional split its important to be able of comparing radio KPI’s.

Typically we see that operators are using separate tools for different vendors or technologies. This could be because the current tools cannot be adapted or require development. Using different tools make it more complex to compare radio KPI’s and the work of the engineer becomes very inefficient.

With AWACS® you are able to use just one solution for all KPI trending and reporting:

  • Vendor-independent
  • All current and future technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, etc…)
  • KPI creation on raw counters for any network element
  • Other data sources are possible
  • User friendly web-interface
  • Customisable
  • Modular

AWACS® – Visualise all network performance now and in the future

AWACS cockpit

Case 2: Too many network issues to be handled by not enough people. What is the most important issue for our customers to be solved today?

For optimisation and troubleshooting of a mobile network the radio engineers typically use disparate tools that are poorly integrated and have little automation. This makes the task assigned to them very inefficient and error prone. Because of resource constraints not all issues can be handled immediately but none of the tools can tell them what the most important problem to solve today is. Trouble tickets are handled in a dedicated fault management system such as Remedy® or Clarify®, KPI trends in another tool and for analysing the issues the engineer need several other tools to find the root cause of the problem.

The result is that the engineer has to work in a very inefficient way and at the end of the day a number of issues are solved. These issues are not necessarily impacting the network and its customer the most and more important network faults can still remain open for days.

Image: Traditional process

Traditional process

The Radio-NDA® solution will process radio network data resulting automatically in prioritized notifications and tickets. This allows the engineer to analyse and solve issues a lot faster resulting in up to 40% efficiency gain. Features include:

  • Integration of available radio network data
  • Automatic Import and Aggregation (ETL)
  • Automatic correlation of data
  • Creates KPI’s, Notifications and prioritised tasks
  • Custom scripting
  • Real time processing
  • Cross platform (open) database & solution
  • Automatic and Effective ticket/task processing (workflow)

Image: Optimised process with Radio-NDA

Optimised process with Radio-NDA

Image: Radio-NDA® –40% efficiency gain in troubleshooting network issues

KPN screenshot

Use cases